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Membership Scholarship Application Form

    Please complete the Membership Scholarship Application Form below and a GVHRA Board Committee will review it to determine if you meet the criteria for a scholarship.  Thank you.


    Enter the date you are submitting your Membership Scholarship Application Form. Please note that GVHRA will accept/review Membership Scholarship Applications each year for the following award period (January 1 through November 30). From the applications received within the review period, one (1) Membership Scholarship will be awarded in January of the following year. (NOTE: If you wish to be considered in a new award period, you must submit a new membership scholarship application.)
    Available GVHRA Membership Scholarships up to $199 maximum per year.
    Identify any obstacles or hardships that impact your ability to cover the expenses of the GVHRA/SHRM membership cost.
    This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.