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    An Interview Best Practices: Structure, Important Skills, & Calibrating Rating

    Date: February 18, 2014, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    the DeGarmo Group, Inc.
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    Other Hosted - Webinar
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    How do we ensure best practices in our interview process? Over years of training interviewers, I have seen all the nay-saying, eye-rolling, and heavy sighs expressed by experienced interviewers when I try to break them from the way “they have always done it.” Such resistance is certainly not universal, but it can be contagious when even a small number of intransigent veteran interviewers provide resistance to change regarding how to interview. Confronting, or preempting, such resistance can significantly enhance the quality of an employment interviewing initiative.

    The objective of this session will be to address employment interview best practices in the context of practitioners who are, for one reason or another, resistant to these practices. To that end, we will begin by discussing what the naysayers have to say. Then move on to how we get them to see it our way. Finally, we will discuss best practices for interviewers and interview developers. Included as a best practice will be a discussion of interviewer calibration, in which we will discuss how to calibrate interviewers to ensure they are accounting for the intended criteria when rating behavioral interview responses, resulting in applicant ratings being the same across interviewers. We will then take it a step further, and engage participants in an interactive calibration session, in which we will provide sample interview criteria and responses, ask participants how they would rate the sample applicants, then discuss the results.

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