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    Mentoring Program

    A Mentor is an experienced professional with a specific skill or knowledge in an area that aligns with the Student's developmental need or interest. The mentor serves as a role model and provides guidance and support to the Student Protégé with his or her developmental goals.

    Successful mentors show genuine interest in the needs and development of others. They have strong interpersonal skills, especially in coaching, listening and providing feedback. Furthermore, they must be committed and have the time available to nurture their relationship with the Student Protégé. The types of things that a mentor will be expected to do include the following:

    • Share expertise
    • Offer Encouragement
    • Motivate
    • Offer Challenging Ideas
    • Trigger self-awareness
    • Support Student Protégé in acquiring new skills and competencies
    • Provide effective feedback

    Thank you for your interest in GVHRA’s Mentoring Program. Your participation as a mentor will expand your own horizons while helping others expand theirs. We recommend you talk to your supervisor about your interest in participating in mentoring, and confirm that you will be able to meet the time requirements involved in participating as a mentor before submitting your application.

    To apply to GVHRA’s Mentoring Program, please complete the following application. This application will be used to identify your areas of expertise and background to determine if there is a prospective student protégé with developmental needs that match your background and skills. The application process includes a survey that will serve as a baseline for future evaluation of GVHRA’s Mentoring Program.  

    Once your application is submitted your application will be reviewed by our Chapter College Relations Chair to determine if there is currently a need for a mentor with your experience and expertise. If selected to participate in GVHRA’s Mentoring Program, you will then be matched with an appropriate student protégé.

    If you have not received notification regarding the status of your application within 30 days of submission, please contact the Chapter College Relations Chair.

    Click HERE to complete the GVHRA Mentor Application Form.

    For additional information, please contact GVHRA's College Relations Chair Chris Bauer.