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About Us


    The Gallatin Valley Human Resources Association (GVHRA), Inc. is a non-profit organization for human resource professionals.  We serve you, the professional, by becoming a local resource for you to contact with any Human Resource needs. Through networking, the opportunities are vast for you to receive policy advice, share best practices, and research current trends.

    We advance our profession by offering monthly professional development opportunities to each member. If you are an HR professional in the area and wish to visit one of our meetings to consider joining, please click on the "Meetings & Events" button that lists our meeting dates for the year and the topics.

    Please feel free to send us an email with comments and suggestions on our website at

    Per GVHRA By-Laws, the purpose of the Chapter as a non-profit organization, are:

    • To provide a forum for the personal and professional development of our members;
    • To provide an opportunity to develop leadership, managerial, public speaking and group decision-making skills;
    • To provide an arena for the development of trusting relationships where common problems can be discussed and deliberated;
    • To provide an opportunity to focus on current human resource management issues of importance to our members;
    • To provide a focus for legislative attention to state and national human resource management issues;
    • To provide channels for gathering and dissemination of valuable information;
    • To provide a pool of human resource management leaders for perpetuation of the Chapter and of SHRM;
    • To serve as an impotrant vehicle for introducing human resource management professionals to SHRM;
    • To serve as a resource of new members for SHRM; and
    • To serve as part of the two-way channel of communications between SHRM and the individual members.

    The Chapter supports the purposes of SHRM, which are to promote the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices in the profession and:

    • To be a recognized world leader in human resource management;
    • To provide high-quality, dynamic and responsive programs and service to our customers with interests in human resource management;
    • To be the voice of the profession on human resource management issues;
    • To facilitate the development and guide the direction of the human resource professional; and
    • To establish, monitor and update standards for the profession.